A Black Ethnic Minority led community interest group that works with schools, colleges, universities, local government departments and Sussex police to create awareness on all things discriminatory

Diversity Lewe is a community organisation with a mission to celebrate diversity in its broadest sense and change the current mindset where everyone caters to a societal “norm”.

Our aim is to create awareness on various social diverse issues affecting our community.

We are also in the belief that we have to create a cohesive community by encouraging participants to engage in resolving difficult issues like Racism, sexism, ageism, class, poverty, disability and other social evils.

While our name reflects the origins of the group, we welcome members from across Sussex.


Service Details

East Sussex
Diversity Lewes
Service Type:
Training and Education
Organisation Sector:
  • Community service

This page was last updated on 07 June 2019

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This page was last updated on 07 June 2019

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Contact Details

07796 796 449
Holbrook, Rotten Row, Lewes, BN7 1TN