Active in Recovery (AiR)


Active in Recovery (AiR) is a creative and innovative charity whose mission is to provide artistic, relaxing and therapeutic activities for people in East Sussex in recovery from substance and alcohol misuse. We also support people with dual diagnosis mental health issues, and their carers and supporters. AiR was initially created as a peer support project and has developed into an independent charity with a remit to cover the whole of East Sussex.

AiR provides safe spaces in which clients can enjoy themselves and not think about their problems. Within group activities we try to maintain an environment where people can try to forget their issues for a while and focus on positive things such as artistry, relaxation and mindfulness, socialising, exploring new activities and learning new skills.

Active in Recovery is committed to equal opportunities and ensures our services are available to anyone who meets the referral criteria.

Service Details

East Sussex
Active in Recovery (AiR)
Service Type:
Help for addictions and substance misuse
Addictions / substance misuse:
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
Client Groups:
  • People with addictions or who misuse substances
Organisation Sector:
  • Charity
Registered charity number:

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This page was last updated on 01 April 2019

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