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Rehabilitation may be suitable for those beneficiaries who present with physical and physiological needs, however, each application is assessed by our clinical team on the needs and suitability of each individual.

Rehabilitation may be suitable for individuals:

  • With musculoskeletal injuries / disorders
  • With neurological and degenerative conditions
  • Following surgery (planned and unplanned)
  • With long term, chronic conditions
  • With cardiac conditions and respiratory disorders
  • For fitness/weight related issues.

The rehabilitation programme is full board and, with the aid of detailed nutritional information at all of our centres, you’ll be able to make informed choices about your meals.

You will be offered a programme suitable to meet your individual needs, both relating to the condition you are attending with and regarding how easily you can access a centre based stay.

Once on the programme you will attend at the same time as a range of other people with both similar and very different conditions hopefully allowing you to make new friends and acquaintances throughout your stay.

Beneficiaries of The Fire Fighters Charity

  • Fire and rescue service personnel (whole time, retained, uniformed and support)
  • Former fire and rescue service personnel
  • Works firefighters
  • Former works firefighters
  • Those engaged on or assisting in the management or provision of a Fire Services Youth Scheme
  • Eligible dependants of any person falling within the above
  • Fire and rescue service chaplains or faith leaders
  • Fire and rescue service volunteers

Please note: Each of these areas have qualifying criteria 

Service Details

East Sussex
The Fire Fighters Charity
Service Type:
Rehabilitation & Reablement (injury/illness)
Organisation Sector:
  • Charity

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This page was last updated on 11 April 2019

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