Pastoral Action in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly (PARCHE)


PARCHE is a Church-based ministry of Christian teams bringing fellowship, comfort, bible teaching, Communion and friendship to the elderly living in care homes

Each participating church provides one or more teams, which we train, and allocate to individual homes. At present 30 churches are providing teams. The Eastbourne Co-ordinator, who oversees the local work, leads the training courses, and keeps in touch with the 56 Visiting Teams.

We offer a number of resources to assist in this work:

  • a DVD showing the work of PARCHE
  • a set of three CDs of favourite hymn tunes and a CD of popular choruses and one of carols, for the use of teams without a musician.
  • we have published two books to use in Care Homes
  • we provide various training courses for teams

We need more people involved in this important work, bringing pastoral care to older people at this most vulnerable time in their lives.

If you are not local to Eastbourne, we would love to explore with you, the possibilities for establishing “PARCHE” in your area..

We will also, on occasions, provide visits to clients home


Service Details

Eastbourne, East Sussex
Service Type:
Volunteering and Work Experience
Primary Client Group:
Older People
Organisation Sector:
  • Community service

This page was last updated on 07 November 2018

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This page was last updated on 07 November 2018

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St Elisabeth's Church Centre, 268 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, BN20 8QX