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We aim to increase access to justice by providing everyone with an awareness of their legal rights together with the confidence and skills to assert them.

On our website you'll find out where to get information and advice on a variety of topics including

  • benefits
  • family and personal
  • consumer affairs
  • government law and rights
  • employment
  • money and tax

You'll also find in-depth guides written by the team, easy to read and practical. Our most popular guides include:

  • How to apply for a court order about the arrangements for your children without the help of a lawyer
  • A survival guide to benefits and living together
  • How to deal with a tax credit overpayment
  • How to win a PIP appeal
  • How to fill in your financial statement without the help of a lawyer

Our Know how section will help to boost your legal knowledge, confidence and skills to deal with everyday problems. Find out about the skills, attitudes and nuggets of knowledge that help you avoid or deal with problems before they get serious. Top tips include:

  • How to negotiate with your landlord
  • Top Tips for dealing with problems at work
  • How to negotiate with your work
  • Top tips for negotiating with shops or services
  • Know how to avoid a tax credit overpayment
  • Top tips for managing your benefits
  • Top tips for finding and using online resources
  • Last minute tips for going to court or tribunal
  • How to prepare for seeing a solicitor or adviser

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This page was last updated on 09 May 2018

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