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Mediation gives former couples the chance to find solutions. It gives former couples the time to create arrangements that suit their situations and retain ownership of their childrens futures.

Family mediation is a process for couples who have decided to separate or divorce and who would prefer to negotiate their own future arrangements with the assistance of a family mediator rather than through solicitors or in court. The mediator, who is completely impartial, can help them consider options. The couple work with their mediator in total privacy discussing parenting issues and finances, together and in total privacy, and reach conclusive decisions about their future arrangements.

FMIS is available at locations throughout Sussex and offers mediation for those who want a controllable and cost-effective way of resolving the disagreements which can arise from relationships that have broken down - without the need for a Court to be involved.

Mediation involves an independent third party - a mediator - who helps both parties where communication has broken down to achieve agreement wherever possible. Through a structured process mediators encourage parties to reach practical proposals for property, finance, and parenting of children.

Mediation can assist in helping parties decide on the timing of a separation or divorce. The procedure and cost of divorce can also be considered.

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Family Mediation in Sussex
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This page was last updated on 21 March 2019

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